Mike Tompkins has for a change been making some orginal music instead of his usual covers. He said, “while the world is in quarantine, I was inspired to bring us all together and sing my song NOTHING CAN COMPARE. I loved seeing all of your submissions and editing them together. You all are so amazing … More NOTHING CAN COMPARE


Sunset Meerkat

Here’s my first attempt at a painting since I was a little kid doing it with my fingers. It’s not how I would have liked it to have turned out, but I guess we’ve got to stay somewhere. What’s something you have been meaning to do for a long time but have kept putting it … More Sunset Meerkat

Rainbow Poem

Raise your tear stained eyes and see After the storm has passed  Is it an illusion that you see  No, we know the storm has passed  Beams of light and colour across the sky Oh, can you believe your eyes  Wonde right now is all you know, now you see God’s promise in a rainbow 

Sunset Poems

Here are some new poems…   When I look out at the horizon and see the setting of the sun on the sea, I think to myself how can this be? How can there be such beauty in the skies that I can hardly believe what I’m beholding with my eyes. The only thing I … More Sunset Poems


It has become a yearly tradition of mine to draw a Christmas card for my family and friends. I absolutely love doing it and I find it helps me really get into the Christmas spirit and contemplate the true meaning of Christmas. Here are my Christmas cards from 2014 to this year! 2014 2015 2016 … More CHRISTMAS CARDS